Eye brows are the trademark to your face. Ditch the brow drama and get shaped by one of our brow experts today. Call us for a free pro brow analysis & mapping to determine your perfect shape today.

Microblading - $475

For individuals wanting to intensify the appearance of their eyebrows, resulting in natural hair like strokes. Manual tool used to create this look.

Powder Brows - $575

For individuals wanting a more fuller eyebrows, resulting in more of a make-up look. Machine or Manual tool used.

Nano Brows - $675

The application of the strokes is very controlled and precise, making the strokes super fine and actually resemble the diameter and dimension of real hair. Similar to microblading but used with a nano needle machine.

Eye Liner - $700
Lip   Liner - $700

all PMU 4 - 6 week touch ups are free after your fist initial appointments.​

1 Year Touch up


18 Months Touch up


2 Year Touch Up